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Brought to you by The Colorado Trail Foundation.

Thanks for your business. We are happy to assist trail users, trail volunteers, and trail supporters by offering these official items related to The Colorado Trail. Each time you make a purchase, you help maintain The Colorado Trail.

Online only. This online CT Store site is the only place we sell merchandice. We do not sell items in the CTF office in Golden.

Before making a purchase, please consider...

  1. Refunds/Exchanges:  We are unable to accept refunds/exchanges due to small size of our organization and the large task of maintaining a 567-mile trail.
  2. Store Shipping:  Please allow 3-4 days fulfillment PLUS shipping time.
  3. Online Orders Only:  To organize trail volunteers and assist users, we DO NOT sell items out of the CTF office.  

Thank you in advance for your understanding and your purchase!

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