CT Guides Package, All in One

CT Guides Package, All in One
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Map Book, Databook and Guidebook... 

Everything you need to travel The Colorado Trail.

Receive the Official books: CT Map Book, CT Guidebook and CT Databook ... newest editions available.

  • CT Map Book:  Shaded relief, full color topo maps. CT line is highly accurate showing every turn in the Trail.
  • CT Guidebook: A must-have for planning your CT adventure and nearly essential to have in the automobile for any trips to and from the CT. It is your official resource for hiking, backpacking, horseback riding and bicycling The Colorado Trail.
  • CT Databook: Waterproof. Trail ready. Fits in your pocket! Your light weight resource for while you're on the Trail.

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THANK YOU! Your purchase helps the CT Foundation sustain the volunteer maintenance of The Colorado Trail. Your order will include a $5.00 handling fee plus the calculated shipping expected.

FINAL: *All sales final.* Please review your order carefully before placing. Due to the small size of our organization and the challenge of maintaining a 567 mile trail, we are unable to process refunds/exchanges.

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