Colorado Trail Databook, 6th Edition

Colorado Trail Databook, 6th Edition for 2016 trail season & beyond
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6th Edition CT Databook is not the most current. But we still offer it here, discounted, until they sell out completely.


Link to 7th Edition CT Databook (waterproof, dozens more water sources, etc)

The Colorado Trail Databook, 6th Edition

Lightweight and pocket-sized, the CT Databook is the "Cliff Notes" version of the CT Guidebook.  Users like carrying it and referring to it on the trail.

The Databook answers your questions, including: How far is the next reliable water? Where might I camp tonight? How many miles? Where can I resupply? Information is presented in an easy-to-understand system of key words and symbols, plus maps and elevation profiles for each of the trail segments.

The 6th Edition Databook ... current for the 2017 trail season ... containing information not covered in earlier versions. It pairs very well with the 9th Edition CT Guidebook and many users choose to buy them both.

  • Collegiate West - This Databook presents up-to-date routing for the 80-mile Collegiate West alternative including the major 23-mile reroute near Cottonwood Pass as well as smaller reroutes near Winfield and Boss Lake Trailhead. (Read more about the COLLEGIATE WEST - click here.)
  • Entire Colorado Trail - The pocket guide covers every inch of The Colorado Trail. A glance and you'll know what's ahead.
  • Bicycle Routes - It includes maps and detail for all five bicycle wilderness detours, guiding cyclists along the 539-mile CT cycling route.
  • New Maps - The pocket-sized book presents revised and up-to-date color maps, adding key creeks, side trails and intersecting roads.
  • Elevation Profiles - Each trail segment includes a precise elevation graph helping travelers gauge the effort required. Bicycle detours also have elevation profiles.
  • Feature Descriptions - Readers will appreciate the more robust, mile-by-mile features along the trail. Improvements include refinements to available water sources, more campsite information and updated info on resupply locations. Carried over from the previous edition are the nearby fourteeners and where you'd diverge, plus road names & numbers.

3.9 ounces

88 pages

4" x 7" (pocket size)

Paperbound (not waterproof)


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FINAL: *All sales final.* Please review your order carefully before placing. Due to the small size of our organization and the challenge of maintaining a 567 mile trail, we are unable to process refunds/exchanges.

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