Insulated CT Tote Bag

Insulated Colorado Trail Tote Bag
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Insulated CT Tote Bag

Ideal for toting groceries or bringing food to gatherings.

A little bigger than a paper shopping bag, it is sturdy and reusable. Folds nicely for storage. Includes a bottom stiffener and structured sides that keep the bag open nicely while you're filling it. Insulated on the sides and bottom, it will keep things warm or cold during your excursion. Zippered top closure makes it even better insulated. Handles are strong and sewn well.

Colorado Trail Marker logo is a familiar and welcome sight; it will start conversations.

Super handy.

  • 13" wide x 15" high x 10" deep
  • reinforced 22" handles
  • thermo PEVA insulated lining
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